April 2007

Dear Friends:

It has been such a blessing watching God work through the extended outreach of my new website. We have received many encouraging emails saying how professional it looks and what a great job Jack did! I definitely agree! He is a wonderful partner in this ministry and the best soundman ever! I truly appreciate his talents and abilities to manage the technical insights of making me sound good!

Well, a lot has happened since my last newsletter…. For starters, I have stepped into the recording studio to work on my new CD project titled, "It's Not About me...It's All About GOD"! This is definitely a different sound for me but I'm excited to spread my wings and try new styles that may reach a wider audience. But don't worry, there are still a few songs with my signature sound that many of you recognize as the heart of my ministry. I feel it's so important to sing songs that bring hope and healing to lives that have been wounded and defeated. So this project has a mixture of joy, tears, and laughter - and will put a little rhythm in your soul! The title says it all! By taking the focus off of ourselves we then put the focus back on God, where we become nothing but a vessel of honor for Him. In doing so God will show us His wondrous and miraculous powers!

On that note I would like to share an email I received the first week that my website was up. Jack & I really weren't sure how effective and ministering a website would be and struggled with the idea for quite awhile. But finally we decided to test the waters and this is what came of it. To understand the beginning of this email let me intro it. I sent out emails letting people know that I now have a website up. One of these emails should have went to a couple I know in Weiser, ID. But instead it went to this family in Georgia. We really couldn't figure it out and decided it had to be "God-sent"…………

"I was reading my emails; something I haven't been able to do in some time now as we have a super busy schedule, even though we are both retired. I was wondering how you got my email address…Not upset here; as a matter of fact.. I believe it was God sent! We have been going through some big trials in the past 6 years with our 35 year old son living with us. He was diagnosed with MS about 8 years ago and has been through a divorce. I can't imagine how it feels to have such an incurable disease, going through a divorce with a 7yr old child (in her mother's care) and having to live with your parents. I am telling you this to ask for your prayers for us. My wife, Martha, just had her 2nd knee replacement. I myself being physically disabled with severe back problems. Even with surgery a year ago the pain gets so bad sometimes. Well, enough of that! Why I really answered your email was to first tell you how much listening to your songs on your webpage, along with your testimony, really lifted me up!!! I can feel the SPIRIT OF OUR LORD and SAVIOR through your songs and sweet spirit. I ask you to please pray for us three. I am a strong believer in the power of prayer!!!! We are having a real bad bout with depression and can't seem to shake it! Satan is really attacking us now. We are all 3 Born Again Believers but as you well know we all have our challenging times! I see most of your appearances are pretty far from our state of GA. If we never get a chance to meet to hear you in person we will meet in that glorious place called Heaven. I am trying to encourage you to keep on doing the work the Lord has blessed you with!!! It certainly shows that you are indeed gifted! In closing please remember us in your prayers for strength to be able to handle our son (all 265lbs of him). As well as PATIENCE!! He is dependent on a wheel chair completely with us helping him in and out of the bed and the bathroom. I pray God continues to bless you in your ministry and thanks in advance for your prayers!!!! In the Love of Our Lord and Savior…Jesus Christ, Bobby, Martha and Bruce"

I responded to Bobby's email letting them know how much I appreciate their encouragement and prayers and especially knowing that my songs had blessed and lifted them in spirit. I also told him that we were indeed planning a concert in Georgia and hoped to do one for their family. A miracle he wasn't expecting! Here's his response……..

"Dear Linnie & Jack: You sent the sweetest response I believe I have ever had. It was no coincidence that God brought us together. You don't know how much of a blessing your response means to me!!! You are truly an Angel of God sent to us in a real time of need to lift us up. A little about us..Martha just turned 57 and I am almost 60. I am so proud of you two that God is blessing you to be able to retire soon. Then He will be even more able to use you whenever He wants without a job holding you down. That was sort of our plans. God retired me (through disability) to be able to use me in miraculous ways in witnessing for His glory. I could almost write a book. I can certainly see your faith in your response to my email!! Keep on keeping on and God will show you things beyond your expectations. He definitely has big plans for your ministry, I can sense it. If you think my email could, in any way, help your ministry you have my permission to use it in any way God leads you to. You can also use my name if you would like to. Again, know that your ministry is being prayed for and my prayer for you is to reach and share to as many as God sends your way. I am sure you feel as I do. I already have a reservation in Heaven. It is my desire to bring as many with me as I can!!! In our Lord's Love and many blessings to you and yours. Your brothers and sister in Christ Jesus. Thanks again and may God richly bless!"

As you can imagine this wonderful man's email truly blessed me! It also confirmed to us that my new website was indeed another way to reach out to those across the miles and make a difference for Christ! Thank you Bobby, for allowing me to share your email. I hope others will be inspired to reach out and encourage someone today because of your story.

To everyone else, please keep Bobby, Martha & Bruce in your prayers. We all have struggles in our lives where we just need to know someone else is praying for us. I appreciate the love & support I have received from so many of you that I have met throughout this ministry. And that means a lot to me! Keep the prayers coming that I will be in the center of God's will in all I do.

My calendar is filling up quickly, and we will be traveling a lot in the months ahead. But if you check out my schedule you'll find there are still dates available for your church or women's events. I truly thank God for the open doors and appreciate the Pastors for opening their hearts to my ministry. Together we can make a difference for Christ!

Stay tuned for next time~

Love & Blessings,

*March 2007 Newsletter

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