April 2009

Dear Friends:

Well, I started this newsletter some time ago but didn't get it out on time. Can't remember why but I know things got pretty busy for awhile and now I'm playing catch up. I'm sure most of you know what that's like. Life has a way of bringing the unexpected and it never takes a break. So we might as well keep on going and let the rest catch up to us when we need it.

Lately I've been taking time to stop and smell the roses… in a reflective kind of way. Sometimes we have to slow down so we can hear God's voice. 'Cause it's in those quiet times that we can feel God's presence and see things more clearly. Like the music God gives. It's so neat to see how the songs I sing mean something different to each one who hears them. I've been re-reading some of your letters to me, some of which are on my Testimonial page, and I'm feeling blessed all over again! It is so encouraging to know that so many lives have been touched because I've listened to God's calling. There are always days that satan tries to bring me down and make me doubt that I am making a difference at all. But God is always there to lift me up and remind me once again, through the kind words of friends like you, that He is the one in whom I live and breathe and have my being! This ministry is God's and I'm the instrument that He plays for others to hear. It's not because I'm perfect (far from it) but it's because I'm willing to be used for His glory that many might be saved, encouraged and blessed. That is quite a responsibility and at times I feel so inadequate. But that's what also keeps me humbled in knowing that I am nothing without God. We're only here for awhile so I want to make the most of that time spreading the gospel so others might know the love of God and one day meet Him in heaven. That's my heart's desire….to be used of God!

Now I don't want to give the wrong impression that these meanderings are because I'm discouraged and feeling down. Quite the opposite! I have been feeling especially blessed and rejuvenated lately as a lot of booking calls have come in and Pastors are asking for concerts at their churches as well as speaking engagements for women's events. Hey, keep those coming!

Many of you know that I have started sharing my testimony as a branch of my music ministry and it's exciting to see there's an interest for it. While it's still slowly getting off the ground I believe it will be in full swing as I feel I am more prepared to share such a sensitive part of my life. But there is a comfort in knowing that I can encourage others with my story and bring some peace and hope to those who may be going through similar situations in their own lives. If my story can help just one person it's worth sharing! So if you want to get to know me better give me a call and I'll share my story!

Until next time, thanks for listening to my meanderings. I promise to write more updates next time after we get back from our trip.

Love & Blessings,

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