August 2007

Dear Friends:

Well, it's official! Jack is now retired and we are reaping the full benefits of that freedom. What a blessing to wake up every morning knowing that we can plan our day leisurely and spend it together. This is what we have been looking forward to for years! After working for the US Geological Survey for 33 years Jack has truly earned this time to enjoy life to the fullest at the young age of 55. What a blessing that is! But we still have work to do so it hasn't all gone to our heads! Our feet are still planted on the ground and will be picking up the pace very soon.

With the month half gone I've been thinking about all the things ahead that I still have to plan before the end of the year and my heart is overwhelmed! Not by the bus-y-ness, but from the blessings! One of those blessings is the most important concert of the year for me! The Annual Holiday Benefit Concert for the Boise Rescue Mission. I was just reading their monthly newsletter & testimonies of Guest Services and my eyes just filled with tears! It reminded me once again of the importance of this wonderful ministry that Bill Roscoe and his staff run all year! You will never meet a more tender hearted and caring person, who's more passionate than Bill! He truly is the example of Christ's love!

This year the planning of this concert is going to depend on getting all the help I can get from all of you. Jack & I will be leaving the middle of September for a six week vacation and concert tour. We will be traveling all throughout the mid-west, eastern & southern states and return just ten days before the concert takes place. That means all the advertising has to be done during the time we're gone. So I hope many of you will pass the word to all your friends, families, neighborhoods, churches and email buddies! Last year we raised over $6,000 in the free-will love offering and I would love to see that multiply even greater! So many needy families are depending on us!

The last few concerts have really encouraged me as I've seen God move, and the people being blessed! I have felt the anointing on each song I sing and know that God is still leading me to the open doors - even when the enemy tries to close them. If you feel like you're walking through a desert and you're thirsty and dry, just step into the water of God's never ending supply! He refreshes and restores even the driest of souls! I am so glad to see there are Pastors who are willing to allow God to be in charge of their services and not the time schedules that are so routine and typical of most churches today! Two of those men are Pastors Mike Allen and Russ Steiner. These men have a true caring heart for others and a non-judgmental spirit, which is so necessary to truly be called of God! May the Lord pour out his blessings on your churches and in your lives! Keep up the good fight…you're making a difference for Christ!

Next month will be a short month as we will be preparing for our trip. I will try to keep you updated along the way and hope I'll be able to write the October Newsletter from our laptop. Please keep us in your prayers and stay in touch! I do pray for each one I hear from even if I don't always respond right away!

Until next time, keep playing those songs and singing for joy!

Love & Blessings,

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