July/August 2009

Dear Friends:

These past few months we've welcomed some new friends who are receiving my Email Update for the very first time! Welcome to the family! I hope you will find these updates to be both informative and entertaining. We also hope that they will remind you to pray for us (me & Jack) as we travel to do what God has called us to do. Of course, wherever we go, we take all of you with us in our hearts and our prayers. We continually get prayer requests for trials you are going through and we are privileged to pray for you. So keep the faith and know that you are with us in this ministry, and that you make it worth the ride.

Well, I must say this has been our busiest year ever for traveling! It's been a fun time of discovery, adventure, growth and just all around enjoyment at a time when we've needed it most! It's so awesome to know that God takes care of our spiritual needs while giving us our hearts desires during trying times of heartache and sorrow.

On July 10th, my birthday, My mom & sister sent me the most precious and memorable birthday gift I've ever received! I guess I need to set this up a little. I have always sent birthday, anniversary, graduation & Christmas cards to every member of my family - for the past 32 years. I'm very sentimental that way and it's always been important to me to keep in touch when we can't be together, even when we're on vacation. Well, there's just a few who send me cards in return and I've always tried to be understanding of how busy everyone's lives are. But recently I've wondered if my cards mattered to anyone but me. You know, we all have those moments. Anyway, I must have said something when my mom was here for a visit and she picked up on it and felt God telling her that the family needed to give me roses (so to speak) while I'm still here and not just when I'm gone, because now is when I need them most. If you knew my mom you would understand that statement. So together her & my older sister called all the family and had them write down what it meant to them to receive my cards and how much I meant to them and put it in a nice photo album printed on beautiful cardstock. Then they rushed to get it all done and sent it overnight express (mom felt I "had" to get it on my birthday-God told her). So the next day I was so surprised and overwhelmed that it just shocked me and really made my day, my month, my life! God knew what I needed because He knew what the days ahead would bring. On that very day as I was opening my gift my Aunt found out that she had untreatable cancer. The next day they called to let us know she had 2 months to live. Then the next day they called to say the cancer may settle into her brain by the end of the week and she wouldn't be alert to talk to again after that. So we left that very day (12th) but just missed getting to see her before she passed away the next morning of the 13th. We were just devastated and it felt like the hardest thing we have ever had to face! She was a very special Aunt to me and more like a mother to both Jack and me. We went home and came back the next week with our son & daughter-in-law for the funeral and stayed with my Uncle as much as possible to be there for him. We went home again and came back again for our original vacation plans to Washington & Oregon. At the time we wondered if we should just stay home. But once again the Lord nudged us saying we needed this time together to grieve and say goodbye in our hearts while enjoying some quiet days and beautiful places. Jack did a great job planning our days and we saw some great sunsets, lighthouses, whales, seals and even found a Christmas shop (God really knows my heart-Jack too) where I found the perfect ornament in memory of my Aunt. In our hearts we rejoice in knowing that Aunt Lil is in Heaven where she longed to be, so we took this time to release her. Along the way we saw things that reminded us of her and some of the funny things she said and did and also the loving things. We laughed and cried and came home ready to move on one day at a time. And all of you helped with that. We received so many nice emails and cards with warm and loving words of comfort. So thank you for that! It meant so much to us that you cared so much. I also know that God cared enough to give me a special birthday so that I would remember the joyful times to carry me through the painful times.

Well, let's get to some good news. In September we will be at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville Kentucky. We haven't been for four years now so we're anxious to relax and sit back and enjoy some non-stop music for six nights straight. Liberty Quartet will be there this year so we'll have to stop by and bug them at their booth. Then when we get back FamilyFest.09 will take place on the 25th of September, at the Valley Shepherd Church of the Nazarene in Meridian, Idaho. This is a 4 hour concert that you won't want to miss. I'll be singing and there will be other local artists as well as some great professional groups. Check Liberty's website for more info and to buy your tickets now at www.libertyquartet.com .

One last thing before I end this long-winded letter. I want to let all of you know that you can now reach me on the following networking places. Some of you have kept in touch by email and through the website but I haven't heard from a lot of you lately. So check out these other sites and let me know what you think.


Until next time, keep in touch and let me know how you're doing. I'll be making booking calls again and hope to have some new dates up for you soon. So keep checking back. I appreciate your love and support, and especially your prayers.

Love & Blessings,

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