January 2009

Dear Friends:

I hope all of you are enjoying the New Year and all it's possibilities of great blessings! As we ended the old year Jack & I had a great vacation in Tennessee, NC, SC and Georgia! We saw a lot of great Christmas shows in Dollywood and Pigeon Forge but didn't see any snow. It was pretty warm to us but cold to those who lived there. Our first dinner there we walked into Tony Gore's restaurant and was greeted by Kirk Talley in a waiters uniform. What a nice surprise! He was filling in for Tony while he was on tour. The next week Tony would be back and Kirk was going to be gone.

Most of our trip was spent sightseeing and shopping with a few southern gospel concerts along the way. New Year's Day we visited my niece and her family and their newborn son (our newest great-nephew). While at their house we saw two red cardinal birds (my favorites!!). The only ones on the whole trip! But what a great start to the New Year!

We had such a wonderful time everywhere we went but the true highlight of the trip for us was the three Whisnant concerts! This was more of a blessing than anything else on our trip! I don't know when I've cried more. Each concert was so anointed and the testimonies so touching! These people can sing! And they have a real humble spirit and genuine love for the Lord that shines through all they do! They shared some sad times that they were going through and yet they still do what they do for the Lord! They are a real example of God's faithfulness and we were so blessed to see them!

Well, vacations are fun but it's always great to get back home and sleep in our own bed. It gets harder to recover from each trip and this time was no exception. It's taken over a week to feel rested again. I'm sure the time changes every few days didn't help! But it was so nice to come home and see all my Christmas decorations still standing. I love this time of year and hate to see it end. But we'll get to enjoy another week of it before we have to take it all down. I have six trees so it's quite a chore…..any volunteers?

It was a blessing to start the year out with a concert near home! This past Sunday we had a great concert in the little town of Wilder, Idaho at Crossroads Assembly. The presence of the Lord was very evident and the people were so open to the word of God through music. It just confirms to me how music can be healing and so encouraging no matter what we are going through. God continues to amaze me through loving people who are ready to receive and I'm so thankful God is using me to reach those who are ready for a change in their lives. I know how hard change can be but if we are to grow in our faith we have to go through trials that we may not be ready for in order to be used in a greater way. Let me share what God showed me on Sunday……

During the offering time a burden was shared that a dear lady had just lost her husband and didn't have the money to bury him so part of the offering would go to her that day. At that very moment my Aunt was struggling with the exact same need. My uncle had died shortly before Christmas and she had asked if I could do a benefit to help out. Well, that's kind of a touchy thing to ask people to give to your relatives and my offerings don't usually add up to the amount she would need. So I wasn't quite sure how to handle this and just prayed for the Lord's guidance. After that we went on our vacation and came home to do this concert. So when this lady's need came up I instantly felt the Lord tugging on my heart to respond. No doubts, no questions, the Lord said to give my offering from this concert to this little lady. So I shared that with the congregation, letting them know that what they had meant for me was to be given to her and that it was from the Lord. In turn I knew the Lord was helping my Aunt with this same need. At the end of that concert I found out that the offering came to a substantial amount far greater than I would normally receive. PTL! It just goes to show you can't out-give God! But the day doesn't stop there, the blessings kept flowing….

That evening we went to the Dixie Melody Boys concert and afterwards went out to eat with a dear friend we hadn't seen in awhile. We were visiting and talking about the blessings of the Lord and just sharing stories of how God had moved that morning and other times in our lives. Our waiter was a young man, very nice and attentive. We teased him about how good his hearing was as each time he'd walk away we'd think of something we'd forgot to ask for and he'd come right back with it. Well, he also heard us talking about the Lord and as we were getting ready to leave he asked us if we would pray for him. He said he was a Christian but had been a little down; that he had the slower side of the restaurant that night with just us and a table of ladies (who happened to be Christians too). But as he heard our conversations he felt God had planned it that way for him. He told us how he was struggling to get custody rights to see his daughter and that finances were overwhelming and his job hours kept him tired all the time and he just needed some prayer. So together we prayed for him right there in the restaurant and let him know that we cared and that we would keep him in our prayers. Once again, God poured out a blessing that day and put us right where He needed us! What a great day that was and also a reminder that it's not about us, it's all about God! Please keep "JOSHUA" in your prayers. You may not know him but God does and your prayers will mean a lot! If you go to Shari's in Nampa ask for Joshua and tell him you're praying for him. I'm sure it will encourage and bless him as well as surprise him at how far God's arms can reach down from one conversation! It took courage for him to ask us to pray for him and I know God is going to use this situation to build his faith!

As the New Year gets under way we have lots of exciting things planned that will keep us busy for the year. Aside from the leftover remodeling jobs yet to do we are planning more concerts and ministry dates. First up is a Midwest concert tour in April and May. Then in July we have an exciting opportunity to be part of a singing event in Branson, Missouri. This is an NQC style concert where I would have a booth to showcase my ministry and have the opportunity to sing as well. I would be there as a featured artist of the Gospel OK/Heirwave radio station out of Oklahoma. Part of our travels would include concerts in Oklahoma and Texas as well. We really feel this would be a great experience if we can get the finances together. Right now this is a struggle for us. The booth costs are due by the end of May, but the traveling expenses won't be needed till July. We know our steps are ordered of the Lord and that where He leads us we will follow. So we ask for your prayers as we make this decision for our ministry.

Don't forget to keep checking our schedule page on the website to keep updated on where all we'll be. I hope to see many of you all through out the year! And, if you'd like to hear me in concert in your area give me a call and we'll fit you into our schedule. I'm also available for ladies luncheons, retreats, revivals, camp meetings and any other events where my music can minister. You can be the open door!

Please keep us in your prayers as we make wise decisions for future ministry dates. Finances are always a concern as we step out in faith knowing the Lord will meet those needs. But we want to be sure we're in God's will as we walk through the doors of new opportunities and that it's His voice we're hearing and not our own. It helps to know your prayers are with us wherever we go. So keep in touch! We love hearing from you!

Until next month….lets make this new year shine with the light of the Lord!

Love & Blessings,

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