January 2010

Dear Friends:

It has been a long time since I've written and I must apologize. I don't know where the time has gone but I'm finding that getting older makes me TIRED! Any of you feel the same way? Well, Christmas is over and it's time to start thinking about taking down all the decorations. Not fun for me. I love Christmas and wish it could be here all year! I love the lights, the festivities of the season, the parties that bring everyone together and the family times we share more than any other time of year. The songs are so joyful and our hearts much lighter. But now as the year 2009 ends and 2010 is in full swing I wonder what we've done to make a difference for Christ and how this year will be any different. While this past year had a lot of sadness for me I also see God's hand where He lifted me during those times and brought something joyful afterwards to encourage me in spite of the pain. Many friends and family have gone through cancer and treatments and others, death. So how do we get through those times? For me, it's knowing that this place is not our home, we're just passing through. We are here as God's hands extended to reach out to those in need of love, compassion and salvation. We have to make use of the life God has given us! If when all is said and done we haven't said or done anything to bring glory and honor to God and acknowledgement to others of God's love for them then we have failed to be the witness He has called us to be. This life is not our's to live but God's to live through us! We need to be His eyes, ears, hands and voice to see those in need, hear their hearts, touch their lives and soothe their souls with comforting words of love. It's then that we can bring hope to a lost and dying world.

As I reflect on the joys of Christmas I'm so thankful for all I've been blessed with. Lately I've missed having all our family (too many to count) around and hearing the laughter and voices as we all sit around recalling the memories and fun days of years gone by. So when my mom said that they weren't going to have a family get-together at their house this year I jumped at the idea of them coming out here for Christmas. But she wasn't keen on the idea of driving through the many passes they would have to go through to get here and she didn't like flying either. So she said they would just stay home and rest this year. I understood but I was hoping she would change her mind. But as I got busy with my many decorations (9 trees) and planning for our annual Christmas party I didn't have time to give it much more thought. Although as I decorated each tree I thought about the many blessings in my life and I still wished my family could be here. Nearly impossible with all our family! So the night of the party was here and I came out of my bedroom just 15 minutes late....only a few people were there so I didn't feel too badly for being late. Then someone tapped me on my back and I turned around to see my "little Mama" (4'8") staring back at me with a big ole grin on her face. Now, I'm telling you this was a kodak moment and not a camera was in sight (shame on Jack-he knew). I was soooo shocked that I just stood there trying to comprehend that Mom was standing in front of me with Ed behind her (stepdad). But how could she be here, she was in Washington, right? Wrong! They had been planning this since Thanksgiving when I asked mom about it then. I was so thrilled that I just started crying. Oh, what fun it was to have them here for such a fun night with all our friends and then on into Christmas morning and the day after! Over a week! We had so much fun shopping together, playing games and opening gifts. To me, I had already received the best gift of all....my Mom was with me for Christmas!!! Sigh!!!!! God sees our heart desires and He's been blessing me all year! Thank you, Lord and thank you, Jack! My sneaky little husband is always good at surprising me. He knows my heart so well! Awwwww!

I hope all of you had a Christmas to remember too. It's not about the gifts we receive but it's what we do with the gifts God gives us! You're all a gift to me in the way you care about us and pray for us. Many of you at times have given money when we've really needed it and you didn't know it. But God used you anyway. Thank you for being such an important part of our ministry and our lives. We continue to seek God's will and hope we bring honor and glory to God in all we do as the songs bring joy and hope to those who need healing. Like so many others on the road we make certain sacrifices in our lives to do so, which reminds me of so many others who go beyond the call in doing the same to be Pastors, leaders and servants for Christ. Let's keep one another in our prayers as, together, we bring more souls to Christ through the word and music of the gospel!

With that in mind I hope you will think of me when planning your services, events, retreats and other special occasions that call for music. My calendar is pretty slim right now, so if any of you would like to hear some good southern gospel music give me a call. I'll fit you into my schedule no matter where you are. We travel all across the country wherever the Lord opens the doors and no place is too small if you're ready to receive. So call or send me an email and check out my website for more info about my music ministry.

For the New Year I encourage you to do "Something Visible" for the invisible one! (check out the video of this song at www.mitcheljonmusic.com ) You'll truly be blessed! Thanks, Mitchel, for giving this to me for the Benefit Concert. It has touched so many lives!


Love & Blessings,

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