July 2007

Dear Friends:

I hope all of you are surviving the Summer heat and staying cool! Here in Boise we have set record temps in the triple digits and there's not much cooling in sight! It's definitely too hot to sing outdoors so I'm glad my next concerts are all inside with air conditioning! PTL!

Last month I had a great time singing at the Family Fest Concert with Liberty Quartet and so many other great artists! This has been an annual event for 8 years now in Idaho and always brings out a great number of people from all across the country. If you missed it check my schedule for next year's date and mark your calendar now!

This month has been a time of reflection for me as I celebrated another birthday! Funny how sentimental we get with age! While many people look at a birthday as getting older, I count it a joy to be alive in Christ! For every day is an opportunity to be a blessing! Sure, I look in the mirror like everyone else and wonder who that lady is staring back at me. And some days I wish I had more energy and that gravity would change directions. But I don't dwell on it and allow it to become a hindrance in my walk with the Lord. If we sit around worrying about where the years have gone and how old we look we miss out on life and the opportunities it brings. As Christians we should be the light of the world - wrinkles and all!! Last Sunday our Pastor preached on "worry" and the affects it can have on our witness. Of course, I'm sure he was talking about real problems and not just aging. But he ended by saying this, don't let anxiety rob you of your energy and joy and don't sweat the small things! So if you're one of those people who need to break free of those worries here's a chorus that will help you to let go…………..

I cast all of my cares upon you
I lay all of my burdens down at your feet
And anytime that I don't know what to do
I just cast all of my cares upon you

It really is that simple! Christ will take your burdens so you don't have to carry them alone. And when the problem seems too great, call a friend to help you through! When two or more come together in the name of the Lord satan has to flee.

I don't know why my heart & thoughts have touched on this subject for this Newsletter. But I believe someone needs to hear it today!

Well, I am excited about the months ahead! New ventures and places to minister and vacation too! God truly is a loving God and blesses His people who work for Him. Some days we wonder if we're doing all we can to be the witness He has called us to be. And just when we think we're too tired to go on He blesses our footsteps for Him. So pray for us as we travel places we've never been before, sing to people we've never seen before and minister to those we may not ever see again. It's during those times in a concert and afterwards that I have a short window of opportunity to say something that will change someone's life forever for Christ! And that's where I need your prayers, that I will be under God's divine direction in all I do and say. It's my heart's desire to always be in God's will no matter how different it may seem to others.

Thanks to all of you who pray for me! I feel so blessed to have you in my lives and hope to see you at a concert real soon!

Until then….know that you are loved and appreciated!!

Stay tuned for next month! ~

Love & Blessings,

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