June 2009

Dear Friends:

Well folks, it looks like I have a lot of catching up to do. I don't know where the time has gone but most of it has been on the road. As many of you know we were gone five weeks in April and May for our Spring Concert Tour. In the beginning I sent out two email updates and had every intention of keeping you updated along the way. But after that everything went haywire! I wasn't able to load multiple email addresses at once. So I could only respond to those who emailed me. It was very frustrating as I was looking forward to sharing our times on the road with all of you while it was fresh in my mind. We are working on these problems and hope to have it figured out before we go on the road again. But most of you know how touchy computers can be. There are no guarantees. So thanks for your patience!

Well, let me begin by saying we had a spectacular time! The weeks really flew by as we took in the sights of so many new ventures. Our travels started out in Utah where we saw the Canyonlands, Arches and Hovenweep. Then it was on to the Four Corners where the four states of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah connect. After that we toured the Route 66 Car Museum in Santa Rosa and an antique store as well….surprise! Jack has pictures of these and more of our Spring Concert Tour on the Photo Gallery page of the website. They're listed in the order we traveled. One of the highlights of this trip was seeing Jeff & Sheri Easter in concert in Waco Texas. They were awesome and we had a great time! We also did a little hiking in Texas and saw a lot of creepy crawlies. Then we visited my niece & her new baby girl in Oklahoma and did a concert there as well. Yes, I did have to work a little on this trip. But for me singing is a blessing! From there it was many more states of sightseeing, more antiquing and we stopped in Paducah, KY to see our old homestead! We miss it there, but not the humidity. That's what keeps us in Idaho. Next we visited new friends in Cincinnati Ohio and did a concert for them. They were such wonderful people to sing for and they invited me to come back! Awesome! From there it was on to more shopping and sightseeing in the Amish country of Millersburg Ohio. Beautiful place and very gracious people. Hey, they even love southern gospel music! My kind of people! From there we attended another great concert with HisSong and McMillan & Life! This was our first time seeing both groups in concert and we were not disappointed! Next we headed to Cleveland Ohio (as you can see we spent a lot of time in Ohio) to visit friends and sing at another new church for me. The neat thing about singing at this church (aside from the people being enthusiastic for SG) was that one of the songs I sang was titled "Church Across The Street" and in fact there was a single girl who lived across the street that the Pastor had mentored and counseled with and she made the decision to keep her baby (not to abort). You need to hear this song to know what this meant. Listen to the clip of it on my Music page here on the web or in full on www.myspace.com/linniedoyleministries . It was so neat to see God bring a song to life right in front of our eyes. Very touching and I needed that! Well, after that everything else was just gravy (to this southern girl). Some of you might think of it as frosting on the cake (I think that way too)! Shipshewana Indiana held the world's largest flea market. There was no way we had enough time to see it all. But we did buy a few things. Mother's Day weekend was a special one for me since I was able to spend it with a lot of my family in Illinois. I did four concerts that weekend (Fri-Sun) making a total of seven on the whole trip. So I was ready to really have fun after that! From there it was on to Wisconsin where we rode the Ducks (amphibious vehicles used in WWII). These maneuvered on water and land. Really neat! As we neared the end of our trip we were almost to my brother's place when the transmission gave out. So a few hundred dollars later we spent a few more days at the Glacier National Park and celebrating my sister-in-law's birthday. To top off the last day of our trip we got blood work done! Yea, I know, real exciting!!! But it had to be done! As you can see our five weeks of vacation was never boring and surprisingly we weren't tired when we got home.

In the meantime we're home for a month now and need to get some things done around here before we take off again for our annual Washington trip in August.

I hope I haven't bored you too much with the family vacation stuff but if I didn't update you I'd hear about it. So for the few who wanted to hear I apologize to those of you who didn't want to hear. Now for the slides……..ha! Got ya!

Well, till next time I hope and pray you and your families and churches are being blessed and enjoying every moment of your lives. It's been a rough time for some of you but hang in there. God is still in control and you are in my prayers!

Love & Blessings,

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