*March 2007

Dear Friends:

I am so excited to be able to present my new website to all of you. This has been a slow process and a lot of hard work on Jack's part. I hope you will check in often as we continue to make changes over the next month. By the way, if any of you have taken pictures at my concerts and you'd like to share those with me just send them in, and I'll get them on the website.

So much is happening with lots to tell. So I'll just share a little now and the rest later. I have a pretty full schedule ahead of me as we step into spring, and I'm excited to see what God has planned! With this new website we're hoping it will make it much easier, and more efficient, for Pastors to receive ministry information online - instead of by snail mail! Of course this also works for anyone else wanting to know more about my ministry, and all the details of booking a concert. With so much work involved in booking concerts this should make it easier all the way around.

I can't believe it's springtime already! It's so wondrous to see all the beauty in each season that God has made for us. Like the seasons of our lives there is joy in every part. We just have to look past the muck and see how truly blessed we are!

This year I will have the opportunity to share my life testimony at ladies events & retreats. While this is sometimes very hard to talk about I know it is a stepping stone for others to let go of the bondage in their lives as well. It's when we let go that God is able to heal, restore and use our lives for His glory. I have already seen this in my concerts, as I mentor those who have had abuse in their lives. Each year I meet new people and hear their life stories of how God has brought them through some tragic situations and how they are still standing in His grace! That's what I want my life to represent! That even though we face hard times we can stand on the promises that God is faithful to get us through "anything" and that's when we truly see the fullness of God's grace!

The end of this month I will be heading into the recording studio to work on my fourth project, titled "It's Not About Me, It's All About God"! This is the true message of my ministry. If I'm able to reach people for Christ through the songs I sing then I have done what God has called me to do. So keep me in your prayers that this CD will be a blessing to all that hear it!

Stay tuned for more things to come!

Love & Blessings,

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