March 2010

Dear Friends:

I can't believe its spring time already…seems like I just sat down to write the February issue and now April is almost here. Our tulips have been growing for awhile now so that should have warned me that winter was over. But I always wait for the birds to tell me and they're singing away. So I guess it's time to spring ahead and prepare for a new season of blessings. To me, spring is a time of renewal and refreshing in both the beauty of God's creation all around us as well as our spirits. Many complain about the winter months and see it as a gloomy time. But for me it's a time to rest and be thankful for the down time. It gives me time to reflect on my life and to clean out the clutter I've been building up all year. That's also when I sort through new songs to decide which to use in my ministry. Every year I add to that pile and some get used while others still sit on the shelf waiting for God's timing. Right now I have a big pile to sort and our schedule is now in full swing. So I'm not sure which songs will be used but I do know they have a purpose and I'm excited to see what God does with them!

Something new on the home front is a new car for us. We just loved our Buick Rendezvous and hated to part with it. But a lot of things were going out on it and we could see many $$$$ signs ahead for us if we held on to it. So as we started the search we had little hope that we would find anything near as good as the gas mileage we got on the Buick (25/18). But sure enough, the KIA Sorento we bought gets 27 on the highway and 20 in town. AND, it's also my favorite color, red! So we are praising the Lord for this great find as we have two major trips to make this year and gas prices are already climbing. We also have a car payment now that we didn't have before. But we know that God is our provider and He never lets us down. So we're stepping out in faith and know that we are where He wants us to be.

It's thrilling to see my schedule filling up with lots of new places to sing at! It's been an answer to prayer in buying this car and planning the two long concert tours. When God tells us to go where He sends us, we always pray that the doors will be opened when I make the booking calls. Those who hold the key are instrumental in honoring God's calling on my life by allowing God to use me in their services to touch those in need. There is a great need in people's lives to be touched by music that comforts, heals and encourages. I believe southern gospel music is doing that and I love sharing these songs wherever I go. So I'll keep answering the call if you'll keep opening the doors.

Well, Easter isn't that far away and it's always a time of reflection for me… to think of all that Jesus Christ went through just for me & you. That He would lay down His life in such a way that would reflect more than his love, but also the sacrifice it took to give us the gift of eternal life through salvation! Have you thought about what that truly means…for what earthly reason? If you don't already know, that earthly reason is YOU! What an awesome price He paid for us! I hope you will take the time to just sit for a moment and talk with Christ and tell Him how much He means to you. Time is gone in a fleeting moment and we don't get that time back again. So let's make every moment in our lives count as Christ did for us. Because all we have is today!

Until next time, may you know the love and joy of being a child of God! It's free for all who ask, so won't you ask Him in your lives today?

Love & Blessings,

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