May/June 2007

Dear Friends:

Today is the third day of June and it's way too hot for me…97 degrees! I don't know where the month of May went, but it was a busy month for us!! It was here and gone before I had time to write a Newsletter. We did a lot of traveling and even enjoyed some other groups in concert for a change. It's always nice to have those times to rest and enjoy the talents of others.

I'd like to thank all the churches that opened their doors to my ministry in May. We traveled to Washington State, as well as Mt. Home and Weiser, ID to kick off my new CD. So far I've received great reviews and it's now on my web site for you to review as well. This is a different mix of music for me but I'm really having fun with it! Jack is already looking for new songs for my next CD. I don't know if he's looking forward to putting me to work when he retires or if he's just enthusiastic! Probably a little of both!! Either way, there's no time to rest now!!

This month I will be sharing my testimony and songs at a ladies retreat in Nampa. This is a part of my ministry that I look forward to as it gives a little more insight into my life that I don't have time to share in concerts. Then on June 16th I will be singing at the Family Fest. 07 Concert, which use to be the "Idaho Homecoming". Five hours of good old Christian singing from both local artists and professional groups! Check out my Schedule page (Special Events) for more info on the evening's lineup.

Well, it's been a busy time of graduations, weddings and anniversaries and it's not over yet. July brings another birthday for me (Just barely holding on to my 40's)! Then Jack & I celebrate our 30th Anniversary on June 28th, and his retirement on August 3rd. We're really excited about this next phase of our lives! In celebration we'll be leaving in September for a six-week road trip back East, mid-West, North and South states for vacation and concerts. It will be exciting to visit these areas we've never been to before! And to be able to share the gospel along the way will be an added blessing!

Somewhere along the way we have to get back to our re-modeling projects. But for now we're enjoying our busy-ness, one day at a time!!

Stay tuned for next month! ~

Love & Blessings,

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