November 2007

Well, Friends, I don't know where the time has gone but here we are ready to leave our nest again for another long vacation. We will be heading up to Washington State for three weeks to visit family for an early Christmas celebration and do a few concerts along the way. We're very excited to have this time together since Jack retired in August!

Speaking of retirement…..our trip back east, mid west and down south was an awesome time together! Being gone for six weeks didn't feel as long as we thought it would. But we were ready to see the lights of home by the end of the fifth week. We kept busy each day as we tried to squeeze everything possible into those days. It's amazing how much ground we covered and yet still many things we didn't get to see. But we were truly overwhelmed with the beauty and unique details of each area we went through, as we breathed in the glorious sights all around us. There were way too many things to even capture it all on our camera. But we did try. Out of the 700 pictures we took you'll find a few of those on the web photo page. I wish we could have listed them all but I'm sure your computers would crash from the heavy download. So instead we've decided to change those out from time to time so you can find new one's listed each month.

Our time with family on the trip was precious, but short. I met a few cousins I'd never seen before and caught up with favorite Aunts & Uncles. Jack knew that I was from the sticks but he met a few from the hollers on this trip. So, yes, I'm a coal miners daughter and granddaughter & proud of it!

The concerts were a real blessing as people shared from their hearts. It's always great to meet new people and see what God is doing in their lives. We also visited friends in Ohio that we met through NQC and did a concert in their home. It was a great time of fellowship and encouragement and we were so blessed that we could squeeze them in! At the B & B's where we stayed we also met fellow Christians and felt a connection in the Lord. It makes us realize that we're all in this together. It's not about denominations but about being a family for Christ. I'm looking forward to the day when we all become one! Aren't You??

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful Day with family. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for! One thing in particular that I'm thankful for is the success we had this year at the 9th Annual Holiday Benefit Concert for the Boise Rescue Mission. Many of you know that Jack & I sponsor this concert each year to raise some much needed funds to help Bill Roscoe and his staff feed, clothe, educate and shelter those in need. This is one place that is truly giving all they can to change lives for Christ. Not only do they take care of their human needs but they minister to their heart and souls as well. So if you missed out on this year's concert you missed a great event! In taking our usual free-will offering we raised $5,110.00 for the holiday season! Praise the Lord! This will feed about 2500 people! It's amazing how God multiplies each one's giving! So never think that you can't make a difference! Each one of us has the responsibility of being God's hand extended! I hope you will continue to give all throughout the year at

As we look towards the Christmas season I hope we can focus on the real reason we celebrate. That little baby in a manger came to save you and me, and to give us all eternal life! While I love the sights of Christmas lights and snow falling and the fun of singing carols, I know that the real reason we celebrate is to give God glory and honor for the gift of His son, Jesus Christ! So when you think of what Christmas means to you I hope you'll remember Him! Let's share the light of the world wherever we go and make this Christmas shine brighter for Christ!


Love & Blessings,

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