March/April 2011

Dear Friends:

Well, here it is….FINALLY, my long over-due Newsletter! As you can see the New Year has already put me behind and you're probably wondering what's up with us. Well, January and February are the months when Jack and I take a winter break (hiatus) to catch up on some much needed rest and to start planning the next year's schedule. But this year we took much longer. We were extremely exhausted and the 'rest' has been a welcome reprieve! Although it hasn't done much for our late-into-the-year schedule, sometimes it's necessary to just sit back and allow God to restore our minds, body and spirit! I'm so glad we did because now we're ready to hit the road again. So ready or not, here we come!

As I look out our dining room window I'm seeing spring in a whole new way this year. Our tulips are in full bloom and nestled among them is our resident momma duck who has returned once again to her regular nesting place. Any day now she will hatch her eggs and new life begins again. It is so amazing and precious to watch this miracle take place and to see God's handiwork. Soon we will have a precious bundle of joy of our own. We found out in February that Jon and Kerri are expecting our first Grandbaby in September. We are so thrilled and can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl so we can start planning the next phase of our lives! I believe children change your lives for the better and your perspective on life itself becomes new and refreshing. Seeing life through the eyes of a child is what God encourages us to do in scripture. And now we have the opportunity to help mold and inspire this child to be all he or she can be and to share the love of God with them. This is the best years of our lives and we're making the most of it! We truly thank God for this blessed little one and plan on thoroughly spoiling them - in a good way of course!

This past week we enjoyed some family time with my parents and my sister from Washington. Teresa visited her son most of the week and we put my step-dad, Ed to work right away helping Jack put in two new windows and building a shed while Mom and I went shopping! I think us gals got the better end of that deal! Luckily for the guys spring provided a day or two of rain so they could rest between projects. All in all it was a great visit, but as always it was too short.

Well it's time to hit the road again. Some of you have read about the new CD I've been working on and it's finally done! I'm really excited about the songs I chose! The idea for the CD was there from the beginning but trying to narrow down all the wonderful songs was very difficult. So much so, that I had to cut out a lot of favorites. But I really feel confident about the final choices as we have seen God's hand in each step of the process. The title for this project is "He's "Still" God and I feel this is a strong message needed for the world today! While the economy is still in a slump many are so discouraged and barely hanging on. But now is not the time to give up and I feel the urgency to remind people that GOD is our source of strength, not the world. When we rely on Him nothing is hopeless. He will provide! It's time we bring our focus back to God and put our faith and trust in Him. God is still God when nothing else remains! That's what every song on this album speaks to whether it's a slow song or a fast one, from the first song to the last one! It's time for healing in our land and it starts with us! Amen?

On that note, it's time to get busy! We're getting ready to head out toward the West Coast of Washington State and I'm excited about this new project. So be sure to check out my schedule and make plans to join us. Don't forget to call your friends and family and encourage them to attend these concerts as well! We leave May 7th to begin our month-long tour and vacation so please keep us in your prayers!

As I bring this Newsletter to an end I noticed this morning that our momma Duck had left the nest with her babies. We counted 7 ducklings when hatched yesterday. Unfortunately, one of the babies was born without legs so it was left behind. But it's alive and actively moving around, trying to stand. It's healthy looking and knows enough to cover itself with the down feathers from the nest to keep warm. But it's sad to know this little one will not survive without its legs or a mother to take care of it. We were told to let nature take its course..... So we'll see.

Life is like that, isn't it? Sometimes situations appear uncertain and potentially treacherous...because we can't always see or know what's down the road. Thankfully, the Lord knows what's up ahead, and He has already prepared the way for us... even when our present circumstance isn't necessarily what we would have chosen for ourselves. Our Father's goal, in allowing difficult or uncertain circumstances to come into our path, is to teach us to totally depend on Him, and to draw us into a closer relationship. We already know that if we love Him, ALL things, while not always appearing to be "good", will "work TOGETHER for good" (Romans 8:28). Our goal, then, should be to listen for His voice and trust Him...even in the storm.

I pray your days ahead are too blessed to be stressed. As always, I appreciate your prayers and your friendship. Keep the faith and stay in touch! Till next time…

Love & Blessings,

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