Hi dear heart. Just a note to say once again, "thanks" for the beautiful concert last evening. 
Linnie, I have loved you from the first time we met and that love only grows as time goes on. 
I want you to know how much the music meant to me. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of southern 
gospel ...as a matter of fact, I never even heard it until we moved here; however, I support the 
ministry of others because I believe God uses all kinds of people, music, etc. and I love the 
atmosphere and the people we've met. But last night, your songs truly touched my heart and hit 
a responsive chord in my soul (maybe I'm becoming a "convert"). Again, thanks and I really do 
believe that your voice is just like "butta"...God has shown you that no matter what the devil 
throws at you, He can throw it back at him! You have a personal testimony of His intervention 
and miracle working power. God bless you both as you continue to do what you do for Him. 
Shirley - Idaho

Hi Linnie: I am much in agreement with Shirley; your voice was like "butta" and what a blessing. 
My friend, Elaine, and my sister Karel and I were in tears at the beauty of the messages of the 
songs and I thank you for that. We reinforced those blessings with some of your CD's. Our Mom 
went to rest last July and Elaine's husband was killed in a tragic accident 3 yrs. ago, so 
hearing the old favorites tugged at our hearts and brought back wonderful memories. God Bless 
your ministry; I pray it continues strong until we go HOME. 
In His love, Joann - Idaho

Enjoy what you do, Linnie, and please don't allow yourself to get discouraged by those who don't 
have the imagination to realize what your ministry might do for them. Music isn't about 'styles,' 
it's about sharing and expressing ourselves at the deepest level of our being. And listening to 
music is not an analytical thing. It's a matter of opening ourselves to a creative expression 
that can't be explained, and doesn't need to be defended. 'And some seed fell on fertile soil... 
and the yield was a hundred-fold.' 
Pastor Ron - Illinois

It's not always easy to know what God's will is for our lives. It sure would be nice if we had a 
direct line! I wish I had wise words of wisdom to offer you. All I know is GOD has given you a 
TALENT and a DESIRE to use it. You are already doing more than most have/are. Remember the story 
about the king who gave his 3 servants talents, then told them to go out and make use of them. 
You young lady are doing what the wise steward did, went out and used those talents, and MULTIPLIED 
the return. When I think of what you are doing for the lord and his people, I think of the song 
Thank you performed by Ray Boltz. In case you don't recall the song, a man dreams he went to heaven, 
and is approached by multitudes of people whose lives he had unknowingly touched by things he had done. 
You are touching much more lives than you could possibly know. Keep being the faithful servant and 
God will continue to be faithful and provide direction for you! Jen and I are praying for you and Jack! 
Vern - Washington

Hello Linnie, 
I want to thank you and tell you, "Your songs bless me every time I listen to them." I can't tell you 
there is a favorite because they are all wonderful. You blessed myself and my daughter with a 2nd CD 
after I told you about her being delivered from wicked spirits trying to kill her. She is doing very 
well and now quotes scriptures to me! I pray you are doing well in your ministry and are having a 
blessed summer. Thank you and blessings be upon you. 
Your sister in Christ, Susan - Idaho

It was really great to have you here again! You and your husband's dedication should be an inspiration 
to us all, and your music is truly a blessing. 
Barb - Idaho

It was such a pleasure meeting you and Jack. We have listened to your CD's many times. I listen to your 
Christmas CD over and over.  We really enjoyed being with you two and listening to your beautiful singing. 
We know Jack is a big part of your ministries. So please come to Ohio again next year. 
Love and God Bless David and Hope - Ohio

Linnie - finally figured out how to get pictures from your vacation - and the scenery was beautiful - 
we pray for you and Jack daily - we were so blessed by your coming to Aurora and I am still holding on 
and nailing it to the cross - you really ministered to me!!!  It was great getting to know you, and Jack 
too. You are a beautiful couple and the Lord will continue to bless you as you sing and bless many lives 
as you go and are so faithful!
We send our love & prayers SG & TG - Ohio

Hello Linnie,
I want to tell you, again, what a blessing your songs are to me. My Mom is slowly
declining and in bed and sleeping a lot, and the words that you sing are an inspiration
to me. I thank our Heavenly Father for the words that He has given you.
Susan - Idaho

You are so awesome. Praise the Lord! He is using you and Jack more and more. 
The community really supports your ministry and loves to hear your message 
in song. I pray that you will continue forward in His grace. We love you 
guys so much. Our church family received such a huge blessing from the 
concert. Lives were touched.
Love you guys ALOT!!!!
Bob and Cherie` - Idaho

Over and over again the Lord proves Himself faithful to bring me through and lift me up. One of my
blessings this week was to sit down over a cup of tea with Linnie Doyle, a very special lady who
ministers through gospel music.  If any of you want a really wonderful ministry to come to your church
and uplift folks Linnie would be an awesome choice.  You can get onto her website at
www.LinnieDoyleMinistries.com  (Yes, she does travel).  She graciously looked over my song
lyrics and gave me some good advice and encouragement as to how to proceed with them.  And by the way,
one of the songs on one of her CD's is Over and Over Again.  It has blessed me mightily as it reminds
me that over and over and over again God is faithful to care for me. Continue below......

Dear Linnie,
Your visit was such an encouragement for me yesterday.  Thank you so much for coming!  The Lord
has given me much encouragement in the last 2 days and I am feeling better than I have for a couple
of weeks.  Thank you for being part of that. Thank you so much for your encouragement and for the
CD--it is in my car so I can keep your encouragement over and over again as I drive.  That particular
song just resonates in my heart right now and always brings a prayer of thanks to my lips and tears to
my eyes.
In Him, Judy - Idaho

Linnie - - I think of you often.  I'll never forget the time we met at the NQC and instantly our souls
connected and we were sisters in the Lord.  You bless me in so many ways and my life was enriched from
meeting you.  You are such an encouragement to Terry and I - - just knowing you and Jack are out there
sharing the Lord as you go.  The wedding pictures are so beautiful and I cried too when I saw how happy
you look at this special occasion.  Praise the Lord . . . you now have a beautiful "daughter" in your
family to love and enjoy! Please continue to pray for our family. Looking forward to seeing you in 2009! 
Love & Blessings - Sandee - Ohio

Hi my friend.
It was so good seeing you last night...you looked beautiful and your smile is contagious. I love the
way you identify with your audience...always stay that way, you are definitely NOT a "prima donna".
You exude God's love and your delivery is sincere.  I know the audience was small, but the ones who
needed to hear the music were there and got the message.  I don't know if you saw her, but there's
a lady who recently joined our church and she was crying almost the whole time you were singing and
I saw her talking to pastor afterward.  Just keep doing what God has impressed you to do and He will
bless it and multiply your efforts. God bless you both.  
Lov-U Shirley - Idaho

I was truly impressed, as I told the members of Faith  I.  N.  C.  that the Benefit Concert would net
at least $7000.00 this year.  Wow! Take that sixth sense to the bank. Jack, Linnie,  Great, Great job!
I would have come even if we were not on the program.  I feel it is one of the great outreaches any
community could have.
IS. 26:3. CZ - Idaho
It was so great to meet you at Family Fest.  I was so blessed and inspired by your ministry presentation.
God truly has His hand upon you and your ministry.  I have been listening to your CD's. Excellent work.
From the singing, to the tracks, to the choice of songs...they are great!  You can definitely be proud
of your work.  God is using you Linnie.  Keep up the great work!  Yes, let's stay in touch.  I had an
awesome time at Family Fest, I hope one day we can do it again.  Take care of yourself!
God bless you Linnie! Channing Elleton

I wanted to tell you what an amazing job you did last night. I have been praying for you and thinking
about your concerns with the offering. What came to my mind was the account in the Bible about the little
boy with just a lunch to offer in that crisis. Jesus took that small offering and fed 5,000. First of all
the little boy gave all he had, just as you have done. You have given all you could and even more. Now we
must leave it up to God to multiply those efforts and prayers for how He sees best. Your spirit is so genuine
and loving. I know you are a huge blessing and have impacted many for God's Kingdom work. You certainly have
impacted my life and I love and appreciate you.
Phyllis - Idaho

My friend and I attended the benefit concert last night! I just wanted to tell you that you are a blessing!
Your sweet tender spirit was evident! I could clearly tell you love the Lord! Thanks for organizing such
a nice event!
Blessings. Dana - Idaho

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